Tuesday, March 01, 2016

More P250...

So, the little P250 sat out the entire month of February locked in the trunk of the car, alone, unloved, un-lubed... Yesterday morning I took it to Indy Arms Co. and ran a hundred rounds of Federal 95gr FMJ (RTP38095) through the gun.

A case-and-a-half of ammo through the gun and rounds number 14 and 15 can still be a little tough to cram in the magazine unassisted. This is such a great gun for people with not a whole lot of grip strength, and for that reason, Sig should package it with some sort of magazine loading tool, even a simple plastic sleeve like Glock uses. 

The gun continued to run like a top and there were no malfunctions to report.

That's 1526 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated, with one failure to go completely into battery (#447). 474 rounds to go.