Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Fickle Mother Nature

The plaza stretching south between the old Indianapolis public library building and the World War Memorial (built back when there was only the one) is awash in good photographic opportunities, and it's a short walk from Roberts, so I can usually justify a side trip whenever I'm down there.

The headquarters of the American Legion is on the north end of the World War Memorial Plaza, and there, across the street from the library is Cenotaph Square.

I saw that the cloud cover was supposed to be clearing and figured to roll down there for a quick moment and shoot some test exposures of the Memorial and Scottish Rite Cathedral, just to see what the CineStill 50D did.

It was just about the most miserable kind of cold: 33°F with a steady 20-30mph wind gusting through the city's artificial canyons, and 75% humidity to make sure it was a nice, damp, biting wind. I parked on the south side of the cathedral and engaged in a battle with the computerized parking meter long enough that my fingers went thoroughly numb and I was seriously considering the choice between vandalism or a parking ticket.

To put the cherry on the whipped cream of my bad mood sundae, no sooner had I gotten the meter to take my payment than the cloud line advanced back southward, casting the mall into shadow.

Originally intended to hold the remains of America's first combat death of the Great War, the cenotaph is dedicated to all the nation's dead in the '14-'18 War.

Well, dammit, I drove down there down to take some pictures and take pictures I was gonna do. I had a reasonably fast 17-35mm f/2.8L lens on the Elan II, so I gave it a whirl. If they don't turn out, they don't turn out, and I'll at least have learned something.

In the interim, this post has some digital images. I had my work camera along because I have a compact sling bag that I'm trying to optimize for around-town use.

Dulce et Decorum est