Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sometimes a picture is worth several thousand words

While writing to Slate's parenting advice column on the topic of practical firearms safety would seem to make about as much sense as writing to Soldier of Fortune for advice on potty-training or getting your toddler to eat broccoli, someone apparently has done just that.

Actually, they don't want gun safety advice, they just want some validation and asspats for ruining family gatherings with their anti-gun outbursts, and I guess Slate seemed like a good place to go for some of that.

"My brother and I both work in law enforcement and have service weapons. I lock mine up when I’m at home. My brother has taken to carrying his all the time, including around his small children in his home. I’ve had to refuse him entry to my home due to his unwillingness to come without it..."
The stock photo Slate used for the column was, um...illustrative of how much weight I'm going to give their advice.

A Springfield XD with a Hogue Handall (for bonus points, positioned too low, since it has to clear the grip safety, thereby forcing the shooter's pinkie into the worst possible place!) in a Serpa on a department store belt not designed to support a gun and improperly sized for the loops. It's like a layer cake of fail. A failcake, if you will.

"You wanna know how I know not to take anything you say seriously?"