Friday, March 19, 2021

Constitutional Carry Update

Indiana's had numerous Constitutional Carry bills die in committee in the Hoosier House of Representatives over the last decade.

With Speaker Bosma retired, it looked like the 2021 session was going to be the one where we finally pushed Constitutional Carry through, and H.B.1369 has indeed sailed through the House. 

However it's encountered a bit of a slowdown in the Senate Judiciary Committee, so please contact your state senator, Hoosiers, and remind them that we want this thing done this year. Bad guys are going to carry guns without a permit anyway, so why shouldn't law-abiding Hoosiers be able to do likewise?

NRA-ILA has a "Contact Judiciary Committee Members" link up here, but that's a bare minimum. An email, letter, or polite phone call carries a lot more weight.

Let's get our public servants to stop leaning on their shovels and pass this bill.