Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Got the feel for it.

An occasional point of disagreement between my ex and I was whether or not it was possible to discern that one particular tire was low or not. 

I said that of course it was, based on certain handling signals, as well as feedback from bumps that spanned the width of the car's track. He insisted it was not, because he was sure he'd read about some test where NASCAR drivers couldn't.

Driving home from Cincy today, the right-hand tires felt a little soft over bumps and handling was a little greasy in left-hand sweepers at 80MPH or so. "I'll bet those passenger side tires are a little low," I mused.

Pulled off at the next exit, got the gauge and compressor out, and checked. Six pounds down in front and five in back. Left side was fine.

Drive a car for twenty years and you kinda get a feel for it.