Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #198...

I've had this Nagant M1895 for years, and maybe fired two cylinders of 7.62x38R through it. You used to be able to pick up these weird seven-shooter lungfish, with their godawful DA triggers and antiquated loading gates, for next to nothing.

Marko got this one for me as a gift years ago, back in '01, at a gun show in Knoxville when I couldn't go because I was working at the gun shop that day. Back then you could rummage through a stack and take your pick, usually for fifty bucks or so, and they'd even throw in a box of ammo sometimes. He picked it because it was the oldest one on a dealer's table, and we'd just watched Enemy at the Gates. I mean, hey, it could have been at Stalingrad, right?

I had a .32ACP conversion cylinder for it, but I gave that to Bobbi because she seems to actually like shooting hers. Mine's more what you'd call a conversation piece, although it does work.