Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Saved by the Bag

When we arrived back at John's place at 0mygawd30 in the morning on Tuesday, I went to move my car in the driveway in case anyone needed to go someplace in the morning before I came up for air.

Problem was, the keys to the Zed Drei were in my suitcase in the cargo compartment of the SUV. So we opened the tailgate with the remote switch...

(You know how airline pilots have a canned warning about how the luggage in the overhead bins may have shifted during flight? Yeah, this is going to be like that.)

So, anyway, as I was hopping out of the passenger door, John poked the button to open the tailgate on his Passport.

The tailgate rose and there was a loud thump as my Think Tank Airport Advantage slid out of the cargo compartment and hit the driveway.

Folks, if you're going to drop your cameras onto concrete from most of five feet in the air, I recommend that they be Canon pro bodies in a Think Tank bag.