Tuesday, March 09, 2021

And So It Goes...


A panorama from east to west, looking southward on the mystical corner of Westfield and Westfield down in the heart of Broad Ripple Village proper.

Off to the left is the vacant spot where once stood Brugge Brasserie, site of blog meets, get-togethers, and who knows how many lunches. They closed early in 2020 for non-‘Rona-related reasons and swear they’ll reopen someplace with less rapacious rents real soon now.

Dead ahead is the vacant lot where the shell of the Broad Ripple Steakhouse stood. First place I went to eat in Indy. Bobbi took me there for dinner when I drove up from Knoxville that one weekend to see the exhibit of Roman art from the Louvre at IMA back in ‘07. I think the last time I was there was a birthday dinner with Shootin’ Buddy in ‘09 or ‘10. It’s been closed and boarded up for quite while.

Slightly right of center is where the teeny building was that was the original home of Boogie Burger, and then La Chinita Poblana.

It all got pushed over in the last few weeks. I don’t know what’s going in. Probably another four- or five-story “mixed use” apartment building. That’s just what the narrow lanes of Broad Ripple need, another hundred  units or so’s worth of commuters. To say nothing of the effects on a creaking old sewer system designed around single-family dwellings and a few businesses.