Sunday, March 14, 2021


I had some issues today, trying to accept a challenge from longtime blog friend Gewehr98. He'd mentioned that an old Nikon D1X still took great photos, and wouldn't it be cool to take one out for a spin with a good fast zoom?

Okay, the old Nikkor AF 35-70mm f/2.8 D is a fast zoom, and is about a 52-105mm equivalent on the crop sensor D1X, which is right in the range where I do most of my shooting. I mounted it on the D1X, popped a Peak Design Slide strap on it, and pedaled off to lunch...

Thing is, the D1X is old enough that it has some serious quirks, relative to modern DSLRs. One of those is that they use old nickel-metal hydride battery packs rather than more modern lithium ion rechargeables. One of the two for my camera is extremely elderly and probably needs replacing. Throw it in the camera and it shows okay, but after about two shots, it ceased functioning. I'm diagnosing the problem as the battery and not the camera, because the newer aftermarket NiMH cell functions it fine.

Another interesting thing is the weird rectangular layout of the pixels on the sensor:

Anyway, long story short, I brought the wrong battery in the camera. I guess I'll try again tomorrow?