Friday, March 19, 2021

Do Not Look Into Laser With Remaining Eye

The TODAY show in the next room was just prattling away about the wonders of self-driving automobiles.

These will almost certainly be a thing in my lifetime... Well, actually they're kind of a thing right now, it's just they're at that really awkward stage of development, where they're almost there but not quite ready for prime time. (Google has you selecting traffic lights and buses and bicycles in Capchas as fast as they can, though!)

I can't see a self-driving car without thinking of that poor dude who had his A7R II's sensor cooked by a Bimmer's LIDAR in Vegas, though. That happened right before SHOT in 2019, and you'd better cool believe I had my head on a swivel looking for those taxis while shooting pics on the Strip that year. Just because a laser is eye-safe doesn't mean it's sensor-safe.