Friday, January 14, 2022

Supply Chain Disruption

Take a look at this stretch of train tracks just outside downtown Los Angeles. As the trains slow or stop before getting shunted into a rail yard, thieves break into containers and loot the Amazon and UPS packages inside them wholesale.

See all that crap strewn alongside the tracks? Those thousands and thousands of empty boxes and torn-open padded envelopes? That stretch of track had been cleaned just thirty days prior. That's only a month's worth of looting.

Apparently the stuff that happens on the railroad right-of-way isn't LAPD's jurisdiction, but rather is the responsibility of the railroad's cops. Not that there's a lot of enthusiasm for prosecuting property crimes in that neck of the woods these days anyway.

Anyway, if you live on the west coast and are wondering where your package is and the tracking number shows "Delayed", look on the tracks outside the Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal in Los Angeles.