Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sealift on the Move

The Russian LST flotilla has left the Baltic, which has to have the Swedes breathing a little easier, and linked up with the LST Group from the Northern Fleet in the North Sea. If they're headed for the Black Sea, that's a bit of a haul.
Sweden had mobilized reserves and deployed troops and armor to Gotland, due to concern over Russian flights nearby, and the sortying of the amphibious warfare ships had only ratched up tension. There was some supposition that a coup de main against Gotland could be used to forward-deploy SAM bases and close that airspace to NATO sorties in support of the Baltic countries if Russia invaded them, but that'd be a little spicy for Vlad. Ukraine is one thing, but NATO member nations are another altogether.

(The Swedes actually retired the S-tank in the late '90s, but they're pretty funky.)