Saturday, January 29, 2022

You sound funny!

The Saturday morning cartoons on MeTV this morning included a 1935 Popeye short, "Be Kind to 'Aminals'".

It caught my attention not only because it was so very old... it was only the nineteenth Popeye short ...but because Popeye's voice was different. Turns out that in this one he was voiced by one Floyd Buckley, who went on to do the voice acting for Popeye in the WABC radio show.

Anyway, if you've seen any of the old black & white Popeye cartoons (which are the only real ones; color Popeye cartoons are haram), you'll notice the different voice immediately when our sailor man opens his mouth.

Also interesting is that in 1935 a horse-drawn produce wagon is not unusual. The U.S.A. motorized before any other country, but a lot of it was still livestock-powered in the mid-Thirties...