Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dumb gun myths on the internet...

Here's a guy perpetuating a particularly hoary one: "10mm 1911s will crack their frames!"

The fact that he's somewhat specific about the nature of the crack's location... I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that by "slide rails" he means "frame rails" ...and that it happens in less than 2000 rounds tells me he either recalls reading some of the initial gun magazine reporting on the Colt Delta Elite back in the Eighties, or is parroting someone who did.

Do you want to know about how and where Delta Elites actually cracked their frames? Sure you do!

Some early Delta Elites cracked their frame rails right above the rear slide stop hole, where the arrow is pointing in the picture below...

Pardon the potato-quality photo; it's not yet coffee o'clock here at Roseholme Cottage.

The crack didn't affect anything. It didn't propagate, either, since it was effectively stop-drilled by the hole beneath it.

Colt solved the problem by simply removing that section of frame rail. It hasn't been there on 1911s by most any major maker for decades. In fact, I have six 1911s in my possession at the moment, five of my own and a Springfield test gun, and I had to fetch that ancient Argentine 1927 Sistema out of the attic to photograph that bit of frame rail because it's the only one that has it. (Bobbi has a couple older 1911s that do, too, but she's sleeping.)

Here's what pretty much every 1911 made in the last thirty years or so looks like in that spot...

That's a 9mm Para LTC, which was selected for the photo because the full-length guide rod may make field-stripping a pain, but it does make it easy to pop the top half off the frame and back on again in a hurry. Notice there's no frame rail at all in the area of concern anymore.

So, I screen-shotted dude's tweet instead of linking because purveyors of bad info don't need their signal boosted, plus this guy has a history of deleting stuff when called on his errors. You may remember him from his outlandish claims of preternatural prowess with the NAA Mini revolver.

Anyway, homie fancies himself quite the firearms expert. He's even written books on the topic. Instead all he does is regurgitate gun counter grade fuddlore. As the ancient Romans used to say, caveat emptor, baby.