Friday, January 21, 2022

Where the Bad Guys Get Their Guns

So, try and guess the firearm used by the dude who took the hostages at the Texas synagogue before the FBI's HRT helped him take the Room Temperature Challenge.

Was it:
  1. A deadly AR-47 assault weapon bought at a loophole?

  2. A fifty caliber sniper rifle bought from an "Iron Pipeline" crooked dealer?

  3. A stolen handgun bought from a crook?
If you guessed the third option, you're absolutely right!

According to the WaPo:
Over a roughly two-week period in Texas, Akram also searched on his phone for gun shops and pawnshops in the Dallas area, the officials said. But authorities have traced the handgun he used in the attack and think he bought it “on the street” rather than at a business. The gun’s last official sale was recorded in early 2020; it was reported stolen from a hotel room later that year, the officials said.
I am Tamara's absolute lack of surprise. Crime guns are stolen guns, or at least they usually are. Stolen from a family member or relative, boosted out of unlocked cars in suburban driveways, pilfered from hotel rooms... that sort of thing. 

Remember, your [$OBJECT_THAT'S_NOT_A_GUN_SAFE] is not a gun safe.