Monday, January 31, 2022


As far as winters go, this one has been fairly mild. We've had a few decent cold snaps, but they've been brief. 

Snowfall-wise, this is the least snowy winter in Indianapolis since they started keeping track in 1871. The airport has seen 1.7" for the whole season. Here in Broad Ripple we got about an inch of fine, dry powder the other day, which was the most we've had at once so far this winter.

It was light enough that I decided to grab the little kitchen broom we keep in the basement for just this task and whisk the snow off the front steps and sidewalks before heading out for a walk.

I got about two whisks of the broom in before my back let me know it wasn't having any of it. This wasn't the old nerve twinge familiar from falling asleep atop a full-size steel 1911 IWB at 4 o'clock, but the sort of twitch in a muscle that you feel right before your calf knots up in an awful, spasming cramp.

I straightened up ASAP, successfully heading off the cramp, and finished the walks in some weird straight-back, leg-splayed horse stance.

I was super ginger about twisting or bending for the next day or so and it seems to have headed off whatever it was, which is good, because the last thing I need complicating my life right now is lower back trouble.