Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Flying Spark

I'm surprised that the ultraluxobarge makers Bentley and Rolls Royce have been so slow to get on the hybrid wagon, or offer fully electric models.

The two downsides of electric power, short range and weight, don't matter when you build cars that weigh like buses anyway and are pretty much never used for long-distance road trips. Further, the upsides of electric power, massive low-end torque and smooth & silent power, are the things that these makers trade on.

You'd think Rolls, especially, would have been all in on some road-hugging weight and whisper-quiet operation years ago. No matter how you isolate and muffle an internal combustion engine, it's always going to be more noticeable than an electric motor. If you just gotta have the most range, raid the corporate parts bins for the little turbocharged inline 3-cylinder from the BMW i8 and hook it up to a generator, and market that as a range-extending option.

These cars aren't bought by gearheads with gasoline for blood anyway, generally.