Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Unplanned walkabout...

I've been shuttling an immunocompromised friend to medical appointments a couple times a week, so I figured it would probably be a good idea to stay current on shots, just to be on the safe side. Accordingly, I went and got a second Moderna booster yesterday.

My appointment was at the public lieberry at 42nd & College at 1130. The weather was lovely, so I walked to the 54th Street Red Line stop, arriving at five minutes after eleven, only to watch the southbound bus pull away just before I arrived.

"No problem," I think, "The buses run every 10-15minutes."

*glance at station monitor, which informs me the next southbound bus is 37 minutes out*

"Well, shit. I can walk to 42nd Street in 37 minutes."

So I did.

The bus, of course, whooshed past just as I was walking up to the library door.

There was a friendly rent-a-cop in a folding chair just inside the entrance, who greeted me and gestured me into the room where they were set up to augment my 5G reception.

On the way out, I noticed he was carrying a stainless Third Generation S&W auto with adjustable rears on it and a spurred hammer. I had to ask "That a 5906? Or a 4006?"

When he realized what I was asking, he replied "Oh, it's a Four Zero Zero Six," pronouncing every digit like it was a phone number. "That's a pretty good guess!"

"Just lucky I reckon."

I guess it was an issued gun from the security company.

It only took a five minute wait at the 42nd Street station to catch a ride back north.