Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The valkyries ride even longer...

I finally got around to watching Apocalypse Now Redux, where Coppola added back nearly an hour of footage originally left on the cutting room floor to stretch his Vietnam magnum opus to a Wagnerian, bladder-defeating, you-may-want-to-split-it-over-two-evenings three and a quarter hours*.

Lots of cool stuff added back in and it makes for a more complete story... but it's less punchy as a movie than the original theatrical cut.

The fortieth anniversary version, which Coppola dubbed the final cut, is supposed to strike a happy medium between the two, deepening the story without getting too unnecessarily meandering. I'll check it out next.

*The best thing about the streaming revolution is that directors are more free to do 4-to-6 episode treatments of bigger scripts rather than try and pack everything into one sitting.