Saturday, May 28, 2022

Automotif CCCII...

1970 Coupe de Ville, shot with a Nikon D800 & 24-120mm f/4

So, taking pictures of cars and filing them away in my little Facebook photo albums is my borderline-on-the-spectrum happy place. Some people go trainspotting, others stand around at airports and record aircraft tail numbers, I have my car photo albums, which I usually update every morning with the previous day's take.

What amuses me is when I post a picture of a car like this and someone gets all assmad because this dude didn't dress his Barbie doll the way the commenter would have dressed it if it were his.

Bro, nobody appointed me or you to be the fun police. Does it look like homie loves his ride and is having a good time? Yes. Yes it does. So why don't you make like the cartoon girl in that Disney movie, and "Let it go! Let it Go!"?