Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Automotif CCXCIV...

Here's a '67 Cadillac de Ville ragtop in Baroque Gold.

Its power is supplied by a 429cid (7,030cc) 4bbl carbureted V8 putting out 340 SAE gross horsepower, so probably something like 255 in modern net bhp terms.

Here also is a '16-'18 Cadillac CT6 in Black Raven.

Its power is provided by a 3.0L (182cid) twin-turbo DOHC V6 putting out 404 SAE net horsepower, which probably would have been advertised as a nice round 500 gross back in 1967.

The de Ville is 224 inches long on a wheelbase only a hair short of 130 inches. Curb weight over two and a quarter tons and a turning circle damn near fifty feet wall-to-wall.

The CT6 is a big sedan by current standards... it's Caddy's flagship car, after all ...but it's still twenty inches shorter and six hundred pounds lighter.