Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Project Deuce-Deuce

A few years ago I put some serious round count on a Bodyguard .380, to the point of actually buying a Bladetech holster for it and using it in Chuck Haggard's pistol class at Paul-E-Palooza. In the process of shooting it that much, I learned a few things, such as the fact that allegedly the LAPD has a replacement interval for both recoil spring assembly and the mainspring* of 250 rounds on the ones they issued as BUGs.

Lately I've been enamored with the little Ruger LCP II in .22LR. It's so very shootable compared to the .380 version and the availability of ammo like Federal's Punch makes me wonder about it as a CCW piece.

I'm looking at buying a DeSantis Slim-Tuk and MFT Minimalist, putting in some range time, and scoping the calendars of traveling trainers passing nearby in summer or fall. A backup gun / pocket pistol oriented class would be ideal, but I'm enough of a weirdo to take it to a regular class, too.

*Remember that in these little hammer-fired locked-breech pocket pistols that the hammer spring is a big part of what absorbs the recoil. Once my BG380 passed about 800 rounds, ignition on non-Federal/CCI primers got iffy.