Wednesday, May 25, 2022

So it turns out...

 ...that the kook in TX was wearing a plate carrier but hadn't put any plates in it.

Statistically this seems to be the most common discovery after the breathless media claims of "tactical vest" and "body armor"; the Buffalo kook was an anomaly in actually wearing plates. 

Plate carriers and chest rigs are cheap and readily available, especially for people not caring if they get airsoft-tier gear for their one-way trip, while plates themselves are harder to source and a lot more expensive. The middle of an active shooter incident is not the time to be trying to puzzle out whether homie is wearing armor or not.

Besides, even loaded spare mags in a chest rig make pretty good defense against pistol bullets, especially slow fat ones like .45ACP and .44Spl.

...especially if dude is using an AK with much more robust mags.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an active shooter event with a long-gun armed bad guy wearing a plate carrier erupt right in your lap, your point of aim is no longer some vague area on the upper torso.