Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Yeah, pretty much what this dude said.

From a piece over at The Week:
I fully support the policy of providing Ukraine with intelligence to aid in its fight, including intelligence that leads to the infliction of painful defeats on Russian forces. It's also a good thing for Russia to know that we've played a significant role in enabling Ukraine to defend itself.

But it is a very bad thing for this information to be public knowledge. I don't blame the journalists who've reported it. If high-ranking, trustworthy government officials reveal newsworthy information to a reporter, it's usually considered acceptable to publish it. I blame the officials — especially since the Biden administration has made clear that it has not authorized the disclosures. This is a person or group of people showing off to journalists about their role in hurting Russia. That's extremely reckless and could well lead to an exceptionally dangerous escalation of the conflict that ends up with the U.S. and NATO being draw into a direct military confrontation with Russia.
Vlad's already running the story that Russia's actually dealing with NATO mercenaries in Ukraine. Reckless talk by insiders like this, who are basically trying to impress journos with how much they know, just bolsters his own story while closing face-saving off ramps. 

Supposedly the administration is livid about this, and well they should be, because their handling of the Ukraine situation is otherwise a rare W in long string of L's for the current White House.