Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Armor All

With body armor having been in the news lately, Greg Ellifritz has written a quick explainer on body armor for the private citizen.

One good takeaway quote:
Personally, I think armor is so important, that I have a couple sets under the bed in my “safe room” right next to the long gun I will use for home protection. If you have enough time to grab your rifle when an intruder breaks into your house, you also likely have enough time to throw a vest over your chest. I believe it’s a sensible and necessary piece of equipment for any home defense plans.
That's my general feeling, too. If I have the need and time to grab a long gun, I likely have the time to throw on a vest. 

While I have a super duper Gucci plate carrier, it's hardly necessary for this sort of thing. I'm not going to be running around the Hindu Kush and fast roping out of helicopters with it. It doesn't need to hold up to months of hard use. It needs to be able to be adjusted so it holds the plates in the right place when it's quickly thrown over my noggin and not fall apart between the time I call 911 and the time the cops get here. This is Broad Ripple, not Baghdad. (I'd say soft armor would probably work fine, if it weren't for the popularity of "Dracos".)

If you want advice on gear for doing military stuff, talk to military dudes. We've got access to decades' worth of their collected institutional experience using this gear in the armpit of the world for weeks at a stretch now. 

If you want advice on armor you can wear all the time, ask a cop. (Although very few lifestyle situations in America right now rate that kind of precaution. Maybe if you're working night shift in a pharmacy or stop-'n'-rob and are extremely risk-averse?)

Anyway, go read the whole thing at Gorillafritz's place, which should be a regular stop of yours anyway.