Saturday, June 18, 2022

Mobile Vending Machine

Your car is not a gun safe, as the saying goes.

Turns out it's not such a great camera bag, either, as these tales of woe tell.

Given my proclivities for older cameras I'd almost feel bad if someone were to bust a window to grab an imposing and expensive-looking D1X or D200, only to find that the pawn shop or camera store wouldn't even buy it from him (or would give him twenty bucks at most, if he could seem honest and pathetic enough.)

Thanks to the resurgence of interest in film photography, that F5 body is probably worth as much as the D200, P7000, and both lenses in this picture, combined, and F5's are only bringing three bills and change.

So, yeah, even if I'm only running into the store for a minute, the camera comes with me. I don't want to spend $300 replacing a window for a camera that barely cost that.