Friday, June 03, 2022

Automotif CCCV...

Old school Land Cruiser is best Land Cruiser, if you ask me. (Which, I mean, you didn't.)

Shot with an old school's weird that there is such a thing now...a Nikon D200. It was merely behind the times when I was using one for work, but these days the 10.1MP CCD sensor is positively quaint. In fact, it was Nikon's last pro-oriented camera to use a CCD sensor; after this they were all CMOS. There are some people who claim that the combination of the CCD sensor and the aggressive anti-aliasing filter make it a great portrait camera, giving nice warm smooth skin tones, but I haven't really tested that.

(It's old enough that used ones are going for about a hunnert bucks on Amazon.)