Thursday, June 02, 2022

Screwing Up by the Numbers

Check out this news article from Missouri the other day:
"Major Ron Martin with the North County Police Cooperative said that moments before the shooting, a man with a rifle had entered the grocery store.

Martin said he was "open carrying" the rifle in a sleeve* underneath his shirt and did not threaten anyone while inside the store.

The man then left the store, and he was confronted outside by another man with a gun, who announced a robbery and demanded his rifle.

The man gave up the rifle, then went to his vehicle and grabbed another gun as the alleged robber was walking away. He fired at the robber, and a shootout between the two began.

The alleged robber was shot several times.

Two innocent bystanders, both women, had just pulled up to the market and were also shot. Their injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

The man who was robbed of his rifle fled the scene. Moments later, police believe a third man came and shot the alleged robber again, then left.

The man who took the rifle was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition.
Now, in case you need help sorting out what in the hell you just read (and I don't blame you if you do), our protagonist
  1. Open(ish) carries an AR.
  2. Gets relieved of his AR at gunpoint.
  3. As the robber is strolling away with the AR, our protagonist retrieves another gun and shoots at the departing crook, presumably while his back is turned. A couple bystanders get hit in the ensuing exchange.
  4. Having done this, our protagonist splits before the cops get there.
  5. A random third party shows up and shoots the downed robber and then also leaves, because at this point why the hell not?
The injured robber is now in custody, but apparently the police remain as confused by this whole charlie foxtrot as you or I, at least at the time of this writing. If there's video that comes out of this incident, it is going to enter legendary "DON'T DO THIS" status in gun school curricula across the nation.
See all this stuff everyone is doing here? Don’t do any of this stuff. It’s all wrong. Every bit of it. Literally nobody is doing anything right here.

*From other reports, it seems the dude was carrying it on a sling partially concealed under his shirt. I don't know where this reporter got the "sleeve' thing.