Thursday, June 02, 2022

Chewy Humor

A poster on a forum noted that "[r]anchers and butchers have been laughing their asses off over the "bone broth" trend. For generations that stuff was nothing but scrap, and waste, given free to dogs."

I guess finding out that you'd been throwing money away and thinking it was hilarious must be some sort of cowboy humor.

Bone broth & marrow have been a thing for a long long time down South as poor people food, but Southern Cooking got faddish there for a bit and here we are.

You know, the way poor cowboys (and urban Jewish & Irish people) came up with ways to cook brisket, which was junk meat, to make it edible.

I mean, I think oxtail is a key ingredient for the ideal stew, and that was outright poverty food. 

Corned beef, pastrami, and slow smoking are all ways of making brisket edible. 

(And nobody tell these guys that eating a roast chicken was conspicuous consumption for wealthy folks, because what kind of normal person could afford to eat an egg layer until it was too old for anything but the stewpot.)