Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bikes: Feeling Prescient.

The last time I rode the Ninjette was last Friday. On the way home, for whatever reason, I made an extra stop.

Tonight, as I was driving the Beemer home from work, I stopped at my local inconvenience store to top the car's tank off, it being payday and all. I pulled up to the pump, noticing that the lot seemed crowded for 10PM on a Wednesday night, and poked the 'Pay Inside' button.

"Attention, Pump Nine," came the voice over the speakers, "We're out of gas, except for premium, and you must pre-pay inside."

*Blink* *Blink*

Pre-pay? I stop at this gas station every day, for gas or beer or cigarettes. What the heck? Don't they recognize me? I went inside and tossed Bob a couple of twenties. "I'm going back out to fill up," I said, "I'll be back in for my change."
"You know we only have premium left, right?"
"I'm sure my car will burn it just fine, Bob."

I pumped my tank full, while listening to the drunk guy in the Lincoln Landmass on the next pump over yell "This is it! It's all over! America is going down!" This clown was obviously too young to remember the gas lines of '80 or '73.

I went back in and got my change from two twenties for filling the Beemer's tank, smugly wondering if the Landmass driver was going to need to fill out a credit app to fill his, and even more smugly thinking about the reason that this post gets filed under "bikes".

See, the Ninja 250 got filled up on a whim Friday night... $2.29 per gallon. And it gets 60+ MPG if you don't flog it to death. :-)

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