Monday, September 26, 2005

Blog Stuff: Another pointless musing...

For a statistics geek like myself, this Site Meter tool is endlessly fascinating. For instance, it just struck me as odd that while 86% of the visitors here are running one of the Operating Systems from the Leviathan of Redmond, only 48% are using a version of IE.

It probably shouldn't seem so unusual to me since, although I'm running Winderz and Firefox on my desktop, when I post from "The Porch" of my blog's title, the iBook is using OS X and IE. Go figure...

Oh, and to my faithful daily reader in Riyadh: Thanks! You make me feel very cosmopolitan and worldwide. :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your reader in Riyadh may very well simply be using an anonymous web proxy located there.

*looks around quickly*

Some people are just suspicious like that. Bet you never run into *anyone* like that at work, huh?

Paul Simer