Thursday, September 08, 2005

Books: Iraq again, the stars, and the far future.

The last couple of day's reading:

War Reporting for Cowards, by Chris Ayres. This is (mostly) a funny look at the very most awful (and first) camping trip by a self-described neat-freak hypochondriac coward. In the marshes of southern Iraq. With the Marines. During a war. Little wonder he freaked and left. Funny (hilarious in parts) and bitterly self-honest, but I must admit to yelling at the book "Stick with it Ayres! I listened to your self-absorbed childhood tales, so don't you go punking out on me, man! Poole is going to scoop you in Baghdad!" Ah, well...

Time and Stars, by Poul Anderson. A compilation of short stories dating from the early '60s by an aknowledged master of the genre. I'll generally agree with the reviews at the link provided, with the following differences: 1) I found "Epilogue" to be a genuinely touching story... from the machine's point of view. The humans were a little coldly mechanistic. Sorta like Bladerunner. 2) "Eve Times Four" was flat hilarious, except it would have been even moreso if he would've let Marie kick Newhouse's ass on camera. Ah, well...

Currently (re)reading The Weapon Shops Of Isher, by A.E. van Vogt. Of course I love it, being a Branch Manager and all. Remember, folks: The Right To Buy Weapons Is The Right To Be Free.

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