Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blog Stuff: But can it play Counterstrike?

Via GrampaPinhead, the $100 laptop for Third World schoolkids.

The referenced articles don't answer the two most important questions: Does the screen have high enough resolution for serious pr0n usage by the cannon-fodder thugs of Third World strongmen, and is it equipped with WiFi for the surreptitious uploading of "419 Scam" emails through the local missionary school's network?

I guess it's easy, when coming up with a visionary system to wire every dusty schoolyard from Moyobamba to Mbala, to forget that no nascent computing technology seems to catch on with us great unwashed un-visionary types until it's adept at three things: Games, Porn, and Email.


Unknown said...

You're so cynical.

I mean, how could equipping the little urchins with hardware that cost more than a year's wages in their country have any *negative* effects?

I mean, surely the adults won't, like, take 'em away and sell 'em on the black market, and kill the mucnhkins for 'em if necessary....right?

Tam said...

I am boldly predicting that the very first internet connection from one of these things will be from the private in charge of President-For-Life Corporal M'bekebeke's motorpool, hitting to get the best price for tires on the presidential Gelandewagen.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

I'm agin it ... the National Security Agency already has too much decipherin' to do. They might miss one of those terrorist's signals mixed in the middle of one of those Paris-Hilton-havin' relations-with-someone-she-ain't married-to movies them there pornographers send over the WWW from those Internet cafes where Communist types and 40-year-old A-rab students hang out because some kid in Nigeria is trying to raise funds for a missionary spreading the Gospel over there.

Grampapinhead said...

Back between the Apple and Microsoft and HP there was something called the Timex computer that was going to solve the worlds computer needs very cheaply, I had one, it was fun, but also forgotten.
Thanks for the link, it generated quite a few hits.

KD5NRH said...

I notice they're in no big rush to get them to the poor kids over here, where we could actually see firsthand how fast they turn up in pawnshops and what their street value in crack is.