Monday, September 05, 2005

Boomsticks: The disease has taken hold...

I find myself doing it already.

Taking the Thompson/Center catalogs outside during smoke breaks. Waking up at night and checking out the SSK Industries website. Playing with a pencil and a calculator, spending money I haven't even made yet.

"Let's see, next paycheck I could get a .243 rifle barrel, and a walnut stock & forearm. Paycheck after that, I could pick up a .223 pistol barrel, pistol grip, and scope. Wait, would .22-250 be more fun? I could get an SSK pistol barrel in .300 Whisper and buy a can..."

I knew buying the Encore was going to be a big, big mistake...


Say said...

I hear you. I've got one AK kit to build and four AR lower receivers. Planning, planning


Tam said...

The AR and 10/22 are bad. The 1911 is worse. But this T/C thing... yikes.

It can be a rifle. A pistol. A shotgun. A muzzle loader. All it takes is that Encore or Contender receiver to start out with, and you could spend every penny you make for the rest of your life on beads & trinkets.

"C'mon, kid, the first hit's (almost) free!"