Friday, September 30, 2005

Politics: An army by any other name...

Via Justin Buist's Log, the Detroit PD has a shiny new panzerkampfwagen. I can see how resistance to antivehicular mines could be necessary in passing out parking tickets on the mean streets of the Motor City, but how the hell are you going to chase down a drunken speeder on COPS when your spiffy Armored Personnel Carrier could get dusted off by an asthmatic Yugo running on three cylinders?

Parenthetically, the Detroit coppers are short on Crown Vics and Motorolas, but somehow managed to loot enough forfeited asse... er, I mean, scrape up enough loose change to shell out a cool three quarters of a million dollars for their new toy... er, vital piece of law enforcement gear.

Below: The Detroit PD has recently announced a crackdown on jaywalkers.

Also of note, the ClickOnDetroit article referenced here clearly states that the vehicle has 20 wheels, confirming that Remedial Math 101 is still not required for a BA in Journalism.


Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

A Wimpwagen is more like it. Why didn't Detroit shake down some of the M2A3 Bradley subcontractors based out in the burbs? It will run at 38 mph with the 600-hp power plant. Instead of using battering rams for the no-knock entries, a TOW missle or short burst from the 25mm M243 Bushmaster ought to work. Then the officers wouldn't have to cuff and conduct field interviews on as many people--just the ones fortunate enough to survive without serious injury.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Also, the M2A3 has two sets of tracks. A graduate of journalism school, I am certain most can count to two. Whereas the difference between six and 20 wheels is not quite as obvious.

Also, the correct model no. for the Bushmaster is M242. It is good out to 2,000 yards.