Friday, September 09, 2005

Boomsticks: Miscellaneous firearms stuff...

My friend Marko, after many years in the Gun Of The Month club (or, as he'd truthfully counter, "sampling the cornucopia of excellent designs on the market today"), is now rather determinedly kickin' it old school. He's seemed quite content with his fidelity to the M&P, too.

Les Jones showed remarkable taste by snagging the Nearly-Free Gun. (My guess was right, btw: Gun + buckshot + birdshot + slugs + tax + TICS was still under a C-note.) The next one that comes in like that, I'm going to try and hang it in a blister pack. "My First Shootin' Kit." :-)

Lastly, maybe this 209x50 Encore barrel isn't such a bad thing. Winchester's offering their 260gr .45 Platinum Tip hollow points as a sabot load for muzzleloading. With a gadget factor that high, how could I resist snagging some? I wonder how much a good chrono costs?

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Anonymous said...

Don't know what a good chrony costs, but my shootin chrony (r) ran $45 on sale. As a data-obsessed engineer, I heartily endorse it. All my friends do too.