Monday, September 12, 2005

Boomsticks: Wal-Mart announces program to support small gun stores.

Ever community-conscious, Wal-Mart has boldly announced a program to prop up small gun stores in the gulf states hardest hit by Katrina. Bravo!

Highlight of the article on the program was the following quote from an Idealist-on-the-Street interview:
Local naif Mike White, of Kenner, LA, mumbled "Why can't we get along? This is a time of crisis," around a granola bar that he did not, unfortunately, proceed to choke on.

No word as to whether Wally-World is planning on voluntarily slitting its own throat in the tacky clothing, Chinese audio equipment, or cheap tire markets yet, although local business owners are slavering in anticipation...


Anonymous said...

You are too DAMN FUNNY!

Xavier said...

Have no fear Tam, every pawn & gun shop in North Louisiana sold out of shotguns and handguns a week or two ago.
There is a cottage industry in cutting down barrels and tapping them for a bead as well.