Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Politics: Robot Revenooers on Thunder Road.

Apparently, it's now official: The Sheriff of Knoxingham has enlisted the help of R2D2 to swell his coffers.

Everyone outside of the PR department of Redflex Traffic Systems and various revenue collection law enforcement agencies (both with no dog in the fight, of course) agrees that the cameras do dick-all to reduce traffic accidents, a fact made more infuriating by the news that the myopic little HAL9000's can't even seem to ticket the right car with certainty, so why are we being forced to subsidize this little revenooin' scheme?

Oh, yeah, the "revenooin'" part... Forgot. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Jackson is considering the installation of these infernal devices, and the legislature is very open about the fact that it's a revenue-motivated deal.

Any idea if the PhotoBlocker stuff works?

-Paul Simer

Standard Mischief said...

Seeing that the police use 'em

I'd say that the standard mischief works.

looks like the covers are coming off, but no tickets, of course.

Typical overlord BS

Standard Mischief said...

Sorry, the radio report implyed they were anti money camera covers. the text version seems slighty different.

Zendo Deb said...

one word... photoblocker. Works so well they outlawed it in Illinois. Just spray a little on the license plate - looks fine to the human eye. Looks like a blue smear to the camera.