Saturday, November 26, 2005

Blog Stuff: A hell of a thing to wake up to.

It seems that at least one Minister of Defense of a neighbouring country has quietly gone nucking futz. I keep telling you people, this is exactly why we need to keep a closer eye on Canada. All that space on the map, and where are all the Canadians? Sidling right up against the border, that's where. They're up to something, I tell you, and Mr. Hellyer is proof.

(Mad props to Jeff at Alphecca for alerting us to the Halliburton angle.)


Josh said...

If you're real quiet, some nights you can hear them up there, sharpening their skates and getting ready to come down here and take our cheese.

I don't remember what thats from, but thats what I thought of when I read this.

mauser*girl said...

Speaking of Canadians... I was rummaging around in my stash of Desert Storm era magazines and came across an early 1991 issue of "Soldier of Fortune" which has a lengthy article about Canada's civil war and gun issues. I should scan and post that for some fun reading. :D