Monday, November 07, 2005

Blog Stuff: Hilarious.

More strangeness from SiteMeter: Apparently, if you use the following sentences in your blog:

"(T)he Chinese have completed the Glorious People's Gemini Program, hot on the heels of their finishing up the Great Leap Forward Mercury Launch."

"I just finished Melissa Holbrook Pierson's The Perfect Vehicle, an introspective account of how a nice, well-educated girl from the metropolitan Northeast wound up doing something so disreputable as zipping about on Moto Guzzis and enjoying doing so."


"The bedwetters at The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence have launched their *ahem* way cool online FP(n)S game to teach kids that guns are bad, h'mkay?"

then your blog, too, can come up Number One With A Bullet when someone plugs "hot girl bedwetters" into MSN search. I feel so dirty...

There's obviously weird stuff shakin' in the suburbs of Fort Dodge, Iowa...


Anonymous said...

That's... frightening.

What other niche fetishes can you draw into your web? How about "Hot Babes in Ferret Costumes"?

Bedwetters? Ew.

-Paul Simer (Nefarious Bubble Monkey) ...Let's sit back and watch the hits come in.

Anonymous said...

im curious as to how you found this out :X

Tam said...

I found it out using the magic of SiteMeter, of course.

If someone is directed to your site via a search engine, then SiteMeter will show the keywords used in the search.

Imagine my surprise...