Thursday, November 10, 2005

Politics: Some pretty bizarre priorities.

What do San Francisco, Philadelphia, Nashville, Anaheim, and Portland have in common? They all seem to believe in the importance of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Free WiFi Access.

"Free", that is, in the sense of "a free education" or "free health care". In other words, the taxpayers take it in the shorts, and this time you can't even pass it off as a benefit to the poor, since the bag lady under the bridge is unlikely to be using the service to update the iTunes on her laptop.

Here's a hint: if you just absolutely have to loot money from the productive classes; if you just positively can not help exploring the wallets of others with your itchy city-council paws, then how about using the ill-gotten fruits of your non-labor to update your Victorian sewer systems or Eisenhower-era transportation grids, rather than pouring the loot down an inane sinkhole in a desperate attempt to be the first "CyberTown, USA."


Canpflier said...

BRAVO!! BRAVISSIMO!!![crowd standing and cheering]
It's just all too easy to transform from a feckless thug to a champion of the masses by getting elected to any legislative body with ad valorem taxing authority, isn't it?

Grampapinhead said...

No !
The isssue is much larger here, and with a much longer impact. Government wether local or national should not be in charge of granting us the internet.
When the ISP's disappear, it will be a monopoly by default, run by the most inefficeient means known to man. Plus, what will we have to say if they decide to just turn it off. Whether it is because of an election campaign or because someone might have pissed off the UN again. Take a good look at the taxes and fees on your landline telephone bill, and the free WiFi concept will just scare the hell out of you. It is the first step in Gov. control of the internet, and it will be followed by control over content. whether for political purposes or for the good of the children. Perhaps one disguised as the other !. Next, special fees to cover administration casts..and of course these are always written so they can be raised at will.

canpflier said...

Well, sorry but I wasn't in the mood for extemporaneous general rant re the potential invasive and oppressive potential impacts of local government provided WiFi. Not to fall into the temptation of paranoia too quickly myself (having held public office for ten years), I am much more concerned with the opportunities for cencorship and control by the UN's attempt to make ICAN a kinder and gentler, more "inernational" entity. If those weenies get their mits on the net, by hook or crook, well its time to finally get the hell out of there. Or more correctly, get them the hell ouf of HERE.

Course, can you imagine the net being guided by UN bureaucrats, under policies set by the EU???