Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog Stuff: What do you get when you cross a vegan and a lemming?

(Via SayUncle) Apparently the lunatic fringe is even lunatic-ier than I thought:

Knight's position might sound extreme at first blush, but there's an undeniable logic to it: Human activities -- from development to travel, from farming to just turning on the lights at night -- are damaging the biosphere. More people means more damage. So if fewer people means less destruction, wouldn't no people at all be the best solution for the planet?

Hey, buddy, if the biosphere wants me, it's gonna have to come in and get me; I didn't spend the last fifty thousand years beating it into submission to roll over now.


BobG said...

If the jackass is so adamant about getting rid of people, why doesn't his group do a group thing and all check out.
I have to wonder if being a vegan causes brain damage due to lack of something essential in their diet...

Anonymous said...

The human brain is largely protein. What component is largely lacking from the vegetarian diet?
Their refusal to recognize humanity as part of the biosphere highlights an important part of their underlying philosophy - self hatred, extended to include the entire human race.
We need to recognize that these people can be dangerous. They advocate species suicide. It is only a matter of time until they become willing to commit actions in support of their goals.
In the meantime, I for one am going to look for one of those bumper stickers - "Earth First! - we'll stripmine the other planets later."

Josh said...

A few years back, I laughed at the idea of a group of people trying to kill off humanity to save the earth when I read Clancy's Rainbox Six. Today...I can't laugh about it so much. They've become so deluded that they may actually do something like that in the somewhat near future.