Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blog Stuff: It's really not "Black Friday"...'s more like "Black Weekend".

Friday and Saturday down, Sunday to go.

The range traffic has been booming, as folks seek a timeout from the Mall Madness to burn a little powder. On the retail end of things, gun sales have been brisk. Little single-shot .22's like the Chipmunks and Cricketts have started moving; I predict some happy kids on Christmas morning. This is a good time of year for .22 plinking pistols, too; Buckmarks, Mark III's, and P-22's get hard to keep in stock. It'll be interesting to see how SIG's Mosquito does in its first Christmas season. Two things I need to try to keep in stock here in the final windup for Christmas are reloading kits and cases of ammo, both of which are popular gunny gifts.

The staff is only slightly more glassy-eyed than normal, and it looks like nobody will turn into a mindless zombie between now and the final frantic rush on Christmas Eve.

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