Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Breaking News: 58% of San Francisco voters are dumb as stumps.

In an effort to prove that slightly over half of the adult population of the city is dumber than an acre of fungus, the denizens of Moonbat HQ have voted to join hands and wish those evil handguns into the cornfield.

Actually, no, wait... I'm sorry. It's wrong for me to call all those voters dumb. More than wrong, it's technically incorrect. See, the very definition of insanity is performing the same action over and over again while expecting different results, so technically the voters in the Asylum By The Bay aren't stupid, just nuts.


Anonymous said...

I live in Los Angeles, and I've been following the handgun ban issue on I've also taken not much more than 5-10 minutes to google "san francisco election" and look up the numbers on, so I'm a little annoyed at you for so glibly, even cheerfully, dismissing San Francisco as a haven of stumps.

In brief, there were 428,481 registered voters in San Francisco county. The turnout was 167,344.

Of those, 89,696 voted yes on Measure H. So something more than 20% of all registered voters said "get those nasty handguns out of here!", but NOT 58%.

Is it too much to ask a gun blogger to get the information straight and not just regurgitate what the (anti-gun) media tells you?

Mr. Bruce
bbriant - at - juno dot com

Tam said...

I reiterate: 58% of voters in San Francisco are dumb as stumps. The rest of the city may be a bunch of freedom-loving polymaths, but one thing they sure weren't was VOTERS.

DirtCrashr said...

They live in Earthquake City, after dangerous sex, this just adds to the excitement. The SF Police Dept has one of the worst crime-solving and conviction rates (last in the State in '03) and A 2002 Chronicle investigation found that while New York cleared almost 80 percent of its homicides from 1996 to 2000, San Francisco barely cleared half. Last year, according to Tabak's own figures, the department solved only 47 percent., so this just makes it more fun, I guess... At least the gangstas in Oaktown know where to go cherry-pick.

Shane said...

Most of California is red, the blue wackos concentrate in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Thank God for that. Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of them packed into a small area so they can override the rest of us when it's time to vote. I'm in Placer County east of Sacramento and we're about 70% red.