Monday, November 07, 2005

Boomsticks: You think you've got problems?

I had a customer who was absolutely overjoyed the other day, because we carried 7mm Mauser ammo. Not only did we have 7mm Mauser ammo, but we had two different kinds, giving him a choice between plain ol' S&B soft points and Federal Premium stuff topped with Nosler Partition bullets. He cleaned us out of the Federal.

Lucky guy! He could be trying to scrounge ammo for a Mle. 1874 M.80 Gras. (It appears that Rocky Mountain Cartridge Company carries it, for the princely sum of $54 for 20 rounds. Yikes.)

PS: Of course we carry 7mm Mauser, silly! I have two rifles chambered for it, and I'm in charge of ordering stuff. :-)


Anonymous said...

'I'm in charge of ordering stuff'

Then can you get me a price check on an Olympic Arms 9mm upper. Don't need the $65 magazine, though ;-)


Tam said...

Did you need a 9mm hammer and buffer ass'y, as well?

Anonymous said...

Nah, the oly upper should function on a regular lower.