Friday, March 24, 2006

Attention, Citizen X in Willowbrook, IL...

...yeah, you. The Comcast user browsing with Firefox.

Congratulations for being the 50,000th visitor at View From The Porch.

Email me to collect your choice of the following fabulous prizes:

1) A genuine dead migratory ladybug dug from the innards of the ceiling fan at VFTP Command Central.

2) An empty Diet Mountain Dew (also known as Rant Fuel®) can.

3) A free range pass to Coal Creek Armory to use the next time you're driving through K-town on your way to the land of Mickey Mouse, Bluehairs, and 'Gator Farms.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Anonymous said...

An empty Diet Mountain Dew (also known as Rant Fuel®) can

So I assume you have also noted the side effects of yellow dye number 5?

Funny how all the "extreme" drinks have that FD&C approved dye.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am one town over and use Firefox, what are the odds of that?