Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog Stuff: Same planet, different worlds...

So, in a recent wide-ranging conversation in the gunsmithery at work, the topic of rufies somehow came up. While the very concept of a "date rape drug" is vile and evil, not to mention just being plain dirty pool, one can easily see where something that increases the victim's compliance and suggestibility has a certain dark appeal:

[SCENE: Night club, interior, 2AM.]

Wily Villainess: "Hey, handsome; want a drink?"

Unwitting Victim: "Uh, sure!"

Unwitting Victim: *glug, glug*

[Time passes.]

Wily Villainess: "So, um... the oil in my car sure needs changing."


Zendo Deb said...

A friend and ex-coworker of mine used to maintain that the 2 most important services men provide are auto maintenance and lawn care.

phlegmfatale said...

Clearly, the monolithic negative reaction to this drug has been a bit rash - there are seeds of genius in your post, darling! I'm thinking of making a list and heading to the pharmacy...

Anonymous said...

So a guy walks into a bar and a lovely looking lass comes up to him and whispers "I'll do anything you want -ANYTHING- for $300, but the catch is you have to say it in 3 words."
The guy thinks about this for while and finally replies OK -

Paint my house.