Monday, March 13, 2006

What do you get when you...

...take a pack of geeks, three kegs of beer, and $250,000, mix it all together and lock it in a hobby shop to simmer?

You get a radio-controlled helicopter gunship, that's what.

I'm not sure exactly what it's good for, but I bet you could scare heck outta the neighbors with it, or take first prize at the science fair, one.

(H/T to James J. Na at Guns and Butter Blog.)


Anonymous said...

An episode of CSI:NY featured an NYPD owned RC chopper with dual 308s. A rogue cop used it to whack the guy his girlfriend was seeing, or something like that...


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see someone has a AA12 to play with.

Wish I could have one.