Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boomsticks: What my '03A3 turned into.

The above military-marked Remington Model 11 riot gun came into the shop the other day and nearly immediately triggered a massive case of the gottahaves in me. I didn't have the free cash at the moment, but since I had two Springfields, I could always trade away the '03A3 and keep the more desireable Mark I, with its cut for the Pedersen Device.

Do you know who designed that shotgun? That's right: John Moses Browning.


More later, gotta jet to work. :)


Les Jones said...

That is a sweet-handling gun, too. Good LOP and nice balance. People can talk all they want about looks this or symmetry that (not that this is bad-looking gun - just the opposite), but some guns just handle and point well, and that's one of them. You did good.

Anonymous said...

Small world. I came within a whisker of buying a decent Model 11 a few weeks ago. Wasn't really in the kind of shape to justify the asking price, but it sure made me want a humpback again (somebody stole mine 30 years ago).

Enjoy. Great gun. Carry that rascal 30 miles thru muddy wheat fields, you won't need to visit the weight room all week.

Anonymous said...

I'm in line to inherit a 11 with a Poly-choke.

It used to jam and double. Fixed the doubling with some stoning on the sear, but the jamming has me beat.

But we use it for turkey shoots and deer hunting, and it throws the most incredible patterns. Last time I went I won once, and came in 2nd 6 times. (and all 6 of those went to a vote).

Incredible gun. I don't know if I could have traded a '03 for it.. but that's because I don't have my 03 yet....

Anonymous said...

Where's the '03a3? I'd like to have one of those.

Tam said...

" Where's the '03a3? I'd like to have one of those."

Why, there's one for sale at CCA, coincidentally. It's a '43 Remington, for only $525. :)

Kim du Toit said...

Ah, the old 11 / Auto-5 is worth an extra '03A3, any day of the week.

Well done.

phlegmfatale said...

I've got to send my dad to your blog - I think he has one just like that in his arsenal.