Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sweet Cthulhu, I am sick unto death.

I sound like a frog on the phone. I was trapped in a house sans kleenex last night, and went through two Charmin Jumbo Rolls blowig by dose (thank gawd for aloe-impregnated bog paper.) Fever's holding steady at 101 now, and I've been keeping food down since yesterday at noon, so I guess we're on the downslope. (Mad props, by the way, to Campbell's new Select Gold Label line of soups; the stuff that comes in the little cartons. Had the red pepper and black bean stuff last night and it was three minutes in the nuclear furnace, et voila! Delicious soup.)

I've got my eyeballs vibrating from Dayquil ingestion, and I'm about ready to go to work. I would have used Sudafed, but I was afraid that purchasing a high-capacity pill bottle would put me on the Terrorist Watch List.


Paul Simer said...

Afrin is your friend.

So is Nyquil: The Nightime-Sniffling-Sneezing-Oh-Dear-Lord-Why-Does-The-Room-Have-To-Spin-So-Fast... Medicine.

Get better soon!

phlegmfatale said...

Hope you feel better soon, hon.

theirritablearchitect said...

Yeah, Hi-cap pseudophedrine bottles. No shit. Same around these parts too. You buy more than 10 bucks worth and the cops show up at your house, and I don't mean officer friendly, either!

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Phenylephrine's ok stuff, better in some ways. Pseudoephedrine tends to knock me out where PE doesn't. And you can't OD on the stuff, OTC is like 3mg a pill... I've got a bottle of scrip at home that's 600mg per pill.